Learn Simple Way to Repair AVI File

Audio Video Interleave also well known as AVI is one of the finest inventions of Microsoft. It is a common video file type and also it is the oldest container file format. So it is popular even today. Sometimes you might encounter some problems while trying to play AVI files such as AVI file not opening, picture but no sound, pixilated images. These problems do occur due to AVI file corruption which takes place due to a wide variety of reasons. Thus AVI becomes problematic and there arises a need for a tool for fixing corrupt AVI file.

Due to codec problem Audio Video Interleave becomes unplayable and thus you may lose access on your AVI. Bad AVI index, badly prepared file, corrupted frames, virus attack and many other factors lead to corruption of your files and this will put a user under tension. The experience of losing AVI files is terrible for some frequent system users. Thus a backup is always necessary since you cannot afford to lose your important video files stored on Window or Mac machine. In case if you couldn’t make a backup for your crucial files and you lose all of them suddenly then all you require is a powerful files repair tool that can easily and safely helps in fixing corrupt AVI files. Repair file is such a tool that can help you repair corrupt avi files within few minutes. It's separate edition is also capable to repair & fix video files with MOV format facing the same issues as AVI file. To have more details regarding Repair MOV visit : http://www.repairfile.org/mov.html


Fixing Corrupt AVI files becomes necessary under the following condititions -

Audio Video Interleave gets corrupt due to many reasons. Various reasons for AVI corruption are given below. Repair AVI File can be used under following situations to repair AVI files that are damaged.

Thus there are many causes for file corruption. Repair file can help you fix files that are broken due to the reasons mentioned above. By using repair file it is possible to fix files on Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Win server, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc. This tool can help you repair damaged AVI files, XVID and DVIX file format. Repair file can also be used to fix Outlook PST file from Outlook 2000, 2003, 2010, 2007 etc. You can easily repair AVI file from SD cards, XD cards, Hard disks, external hard drives with the help of repair file utility. This reliable repair tool can also be used to fix different files that are corrupt from Windows and Mac engines. If you have lost all your PowerPoint files then you can safely fix .PPT by using repair file application. Let us now follow the repair steps to repair AVI file.


Repair AVI File in Few Simple Steps

Just few mouse clicks and you will be able to fix all your corrupt video files. Follow the steps to repair your files that are corrupt

Step 1: Download and run repair AVI file in your laptop or PC. Click on "Browse" and select the Audio Video Interleave file to be fixed from the main window. Then click on "Repair" tab to initiate the repair process.

Repair AVI File - Repair File

Figure 1: Repair File

Step 2: You will get two options once the scanning and repair process is complete. Select "Preview" to preview the repaired file.

Repair AVI File - Preview Repaired File

Figure 2: Preview Repaired File


Step 3: After previewing if you are satisfied with the performance of this tool then you can purchase it and later you can save the repaired file.

Repair AVI File - Save File

Figure 3: Save File